Superhero Inside

Superhero Inside.jpg

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the concept of superheroes. As a kid it was almost a dream to be a superhero with all those amazing superpowers, but as I grown up, obviously I realized that all these superheroes are just the work of fiction and creativity, but still the love for superheroes continued.

Now, after watching so many movie series on superheroes, I have realized one thing that a Superhero is not a superhero just because of his superpowers, even the villain has got superpowers too, then what is it that differentiate them ?

Its the “goodness” that makes the protagonist “The Superhero”. Using those superpowers for people’s benefits, to help others, in saving lives, more importantly fighting the negativity and spreading positivity in the world. All these things differentiates him from “The Supervillians” who supports evil.

Considering this, now I strongly believe that there is a superhero in all of us. Its not just about superpowers, its about the goodness, the kindness and the positivity inside us that can bring out the superhero out of us. And if you thinking that what about Superpowers? we don’t have any such powers…!!!! Then my friend….let me tell you….God has bestowed atleast one unique power to every person on the face of this earth.

Yes, that power can maybe your talent…your talent to entertain people and let them forget their day-to-day worries, maybe your talent to motivate others and giving them a way of life, maybe your talent to make other people laugh and pull them out of their misery and maybe many talent alike these.

Even if you don’t possess a talent, then that power can be those emotions, those feelings that we can express to others and make them just happy….just like the power of giving love and care to those who really need it…the power of supporting those who are losing hopes in their lives each day or even a mere act of humility and kindness to a stranger on the streets or maybe in your work place etc.

There is a superhero inside all of us, we just need the courage to put the cape on….the courage and the cape, both exists inside us and it is not necessary to fight bad guys and save lives to become a superhero…just spreading positivity and goodness to others is also a synonymous act. Everyone has a superhero inside of them waiting to be discovered, so discover your own superpower and collaborate it with some goodness and be one.


A thought by Saurav Sharma.